Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Data News for the weekend of November 10, 2012

Google improved its Google Cloud SQL mySQL database offering. They now have six tiers with exponentially increasing sizing and pricing, starting with D1 (500MB RAM, 1GB storage, 850k I/Os per day at $1.46/day or 10 cents/hour) to G32 (16GB RAM, 10GB storage, 32M I/Os per day at $46.84 per day or $3.08 per hour).

The closest to this in the amazon cloud is Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS); the other services that amazon offers are Amazon DynamoDB (high-performance NoSQL) and SimpleDB (managed NoSQL for smaller datasets). The whole Google Cloud Platform is getting more and more pieces with Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage,Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud SQL.

A posting on GigaOM argues that an important role of IT departments in the future will be the integration of app eco-systems, and that this brings with integration requirements from the cloud: Identity and authentication and other security and compliance-related functionality, trouble-shooting app-ecosystems, and integration of new applications. I completely agree that one of the major benefits of the cloud that we can finally have integrated app-ecosystems beyond what clairvoyant app-developers have imagined, and our ongoing research efforts on the SAFE application development environment are steps into this direction.
GigaOM also has some interesting stats about the growth of Hadoop.

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