Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Activities Around Data Services

In the last days, there has been quite quite some news in the data services space:
  • Scalebase announced that it received $10.5M of funding. Their product is what they call the "ScaleBase Data Traffic Manager." According to their website, they do the following:
    • They create a layer between any application and the database tier (currently this means MySQL, although they seem to be working on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server)
    • They have two scale-out mechanisms:
      • They automatically partition the data.
    • Their system is based on a shared-nothing architecture
  • GigaOM speculates that interesting new data services will be in the stock at in the future, in particular high-end analytics and more support for enterprise applications. 
And Big Data is supposed to drive $232 in IT Spending until 2016 according to a Gartner Report.