Saturday, September 12, 2009

Talk Announcement -- Daniel Deutch, Tel Aviv University

Date: Monday Sept. 21, 2009 noon to 1pm
Location: 5130 Upson Hall, Cornell

Querying Past and Future in Web Applications

Daniel Deutch

Abstract: Many businesses offer their services to customers via Web-based application interfaces. Reasoning about execution flows of such applications is extremely valuable for companies: it can be used to optimize business processes, employ targeted advertisements, reduce operational costs, and ultimately increase competitiveness. Such reasoning often operates in an environment inducing partial information and uncertainty of various flavors. First, the execution traces recorded for a Web application often contain only partial information on the activities that were performed at run-time, due to confidentiality, lack of storage space, etc. Second, even in the presence of fully detailed traces of the past executions, prediction of the behavior of future executions may still operate under terms of uncertainty. This is because executions often depend on unknown external parameters, such as users behavior, interaction with other applications, servers response time, etc.

In this talk I will consider (1) models for capturing Web applications and their executions. These models are expressive enough to capture common scenarios, while restrictive enough to allow for efficient query evaluation; (2) query evaluation algorithms over applications/execution traces under these models, and (3) practical implementations for recommending navigation flows within a web applications.

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